Thursday, 14 April 2011

ixus oh ixus....!!!

mama : Papa, boleh tak mama nak beli kamera ni ??
Papa  : Boleh, pakai duit sendiri...
mama : #^&**^&&&....  grrrr.... !!!!

Digital IXUS 210
Pure Touching Pleasure
• Enjoy instant focusing / tracking on subjects with the wide 3.5" touch panel LCD with Touch AF
24mm Ultra Wide-angle Camera

• Capture breathtaking landscape pictures and group photos effortlessly with Canon’s first 24mm ultra wide-angle IXUS camera

• Smart Auto mode uses Canon’s latest Scene Detection Technology to determine subject brightness, contrast, distance and overall hue, including the ability to differentiate between day-time and low-light (night time) scenarios for an effortless capture of the perfect picture.

• The Smart Auto shooting mode intelligently selects the proper settings for the camera based on 22 pre-defined shooting situations
SMART FE (Flash Exposure)

• Smart FE improves image quality by automatically adding the optimum level of flash illumination, aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

• This reduces chances of overexposure when shooting people at close distances, prevention of dark background and shadows on faces when shooting subjects under strong sunlight.
Smart Shutter, the Ideal Self-Portrait Technology

Smart Shutter, which includes Smile Self-timer, Wink Self-timer and Face Detection Self-timer, detects faces in the scene and releases the shutter automatically in response to the appearance of an additional face, or when a smile or sassy wink occurs.
New Shooting Modes

• Miniature effect: The center portion of the image is left untouched with the top and bottom gradually blurred to emphasize perspective and make the main subject stand out. The area not to be blurred can be chosen from three vertical positions.
• Fish-eye effect: Produce an image effect similar to that achieved by fish-eye lens
Active Display with Tap Operations

• By lightly tapping the left (right) area of the camera, the playback screen will change to the next (previous) image.

HD Movie Recording with HDMI

• Shoot HD movies and enjoy playback on a big screen TV with the HDMI mini connector

P/s : Geram simpan dalam hati, tak mahal sangat tapi ....nanti kau.....

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